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Laptop Table Portable
Laptop Table Portable
Laptop Table Portable
Laptop Table Portable

Laptop Table Portable

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Product Description

This is an adjustable and foldable laptop desk that can also be used for pad. The design is exquisite, flexible and versatile.

1. Exquisite product design and exquisite workmanship.

Human nature is extremely high notebook computer desk, it is doughty and agile, can because of different arena, different utility, different object, change its body 100 times like transformers.

Use occasions: bed, sofa, table top, carpet, grass

Usage: computer desk, small desk, drawing board, flower shelf

Object of use: adults, children

2. a variety of attitude, 360 degrees of free rotation

Each leg has three legs that can rotate 360 degrees. Each leg has three legs, just like the lower leg and thigh. Thus has the human same flexibility, may sit, the station, the kneel, the squat. According to different need, use different pose, adjust measures to local conditions, proper ground serves for you.

3. a key lock hundred changes, as you change.

Convenient and fast self-locking joint, realizing one-key fixing function, no longer need manual laborious rotary bolt fixing like traditional computer table.

"One-second lock" button technology, one click can be adjusted at will. The "gear disc" is designed with precise calibration for easy adjustment of Angle and height.

Gently press the button, the joint is easily free to adjust, can adjust the Angle and height;

Release the button again, the joint is like the point, the moment is fixed.

Product parameters

Product name: portable adjustable laptop desk

Material: high quality bearing & magnesium alloy panel & ABS high strength button

Color: cool black, rose red

Weight: 1.65 kg

Bearing capacity: 15kg

Surface technology: spray molding

Leg length: 260 mm

Number of legs: PCS 6 (3*2)

Computer: under 17 inches

Table top adjustable height: 480 mm

Table top adjustable Angle: 360 degrees

Desktop (length * width) : standard 420*260 mm

Dimensions (folded) : standard 530*260 mm

Package size: standard 540*270*46mm

Note: all sizes are measured by hand, please allow an error of 1-3mm, thank you!

Joint adjustment method: press the adjustment key and adjust the bracket 360 degrees, but the adjustment of the bracket can only be 15 degrees per rotation.
Please be sure to operate in accordance with the above method, do not arbitrarily forced rotation, otherwise it will damage the product and its accessories, thank you for your cooperation!